Copy and Paste

Users can easily copy and paste verses of Glorious Quran or apart of verses in different programs and applications, verses will appear in Quranic Othamni script. The application allows to select full page of Almadinah mushaf or a part of verses directly through mouse, user can drag selected verses into any application.

Single File

This application is a single file application contain all the features of Almadinah Mushaf, easy to run, no need to install, user will be able to copy and use it in any another computer, which is unique feature.

Windows 10

The application is designed for Windows 10 system, displays page of the Quran as it is a page of Mushaf Almadinah, and enables the user to deal with the verses quickly, Quranic text can be searched to get the immediate results of the verses which can be selected and copied to other applications.